Monday, July 28, 2014

Unlocking God's Will in Your Life

Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:9-13 :

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed by your Name.
Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On Earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our debts,
As we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, 
But deliver us from evil.

What happens when it doesn't work?

Honestly, this prayer, known as the Lord's prayer, is not just a set formula that guarantees instant results. Too often, in our absolute frustration with life's events, we find ourselves calling out to Heaven with our words and cries, only to find that our prayers are not answered in the way we wanted them to be.

But, you know, there can be two reasons this is happening...

We may be praying the wrong prayer.

You might say, "God wants life not death, health, not sickness, right?"

Yes, but sometimes our hearts may not be aligned with God's heart in the matters we lay before Him.  God's purpose in all of our lives does not rest on human world view, but on bringing us closer to Him.

You see, in my own experience, in our human world, we look around and decide things need to be aligned this way, or that way. This child should be normal, not disabled.  This child should be healthy, not sick.  This child should live, not die.

Yet, just as we learn in the book of John that a man is born blind just so Jesus can heal him and show the world God's healing power, so too, can God have a plan we just don't understand in our world's eye view.

God may not restore things that go wrong in the way that we think restoration should happen. He may have an even better, more glorious solution than we understand.  In our human's eye view, it can cause us great sorrow and loss.

Which brings me to the second point.

Why should we even pray at all?

It is like this, if God has not prepared our hearts, or rather, we are still holding on to sinful ideas that keep us from hearing Him and His will for a specific event, then our prayers appear to hit the ceiling of Heaven.  I am not saying it is the means to an end, but that we may need to be on a stronger foundation before things shift in God's realm.

The real question is, how honest are you ready to be before the One who created you?

Have you ever tried laying your heart, completely bare before Jesus?  Trust me, it is NOT an easy thing to do! When we look full into the mirror of our own hearts, it is not pretty.  Not one person can tell me they are not stained and don't need Jesus, because they do.

We have to allow the Lord to shine His light on our hearts and repent of our sins.  It is a cleansing that you want to do, believe me, but it is only for brave hearts.  It will not only bring light into your soul, but true grace and peace. It will also bring you a new heart.

In the end, we can choose to follow God or our own plan.

God knows the best way to solve our problems, if we will only listen.  We, His people, will only find true rest when we choose to submit to His will.  The funny part is that the Lord will not force us.  He will only beckon us, His Bride, to Him.  He promises us a new heart if we will.

The Lord's blessings to you~Kim

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Do You Need More Than a Miracle?

Did you ever wonder how many miracles you could have in a lifetime?

I mean, can we have one?  Or two?  Three?

Or, can we have as many miracles as we need?!

If you are like us, you need a lot of miracles. Our family would be over our heads with disaster if we stopped at three miracles!

No, they may not be miracles like raising the dead, making the blind see or the lame to walk, but they have been miracles for US. We were brought to the edge and back again.

God has delivered us over and over again.

Was it because we are Super Faith Heroes;-)?  Well, no, but what I can say is that when I seek the Lord in prayer, knowing that I have done all that I can, the Spirit takes me where He wishes.

The devil roars around like a prowling lion. He seeks to deliver injustice, hate and death.  He seeks to take and destroy all that is purely love.  When we take that seriously, we find that the Lord brings His Kingdom.

Even that does not guarantee 100% deliverance.

Even in our unanswered prayers, God's precious grace pours over our lives.

I recently read a story about a woman who lost her special needs child at the age of two.  All special needs parents can relate to seeing the possibility of death arrive at our child's doorstep; but this woman's child crossed the threshold of heaven, while the rest of us sighed, Thank you Jesus!

Why didn't God save him when He saved our children?  We can only speculate, but I loved her response. God was faithful despite her son's death.  Faithful?  Is that the word you would use?

I WOULD!  Why?!

We struggle to see that heaven is a place of rejoicing, because we view life as more important than death and eternal life in heaven. We do struggle to believe that God has a plan for our life, and it may not the politically-correct perfect Christian life.

If we believe in heaven and a merciful, gracious God, then we know that little boy now lives with His Savior and the angels.  Why should he stay in the world, while his parents pray and drag him to medical specialists and hospitals, asking the Lord for a cure?  God had a better plan for this little boy.

He is a gracious God and took this little boy and many other sick children home.

God does bring beauty out of ashes.

When He does, it isn't just one lone little flower.  No, it is a whole rose bush!  He wants us to see that when tragedy breaks, even if it is the devil's attacks that succeeded, God will redeem the whole mess into something beautiful.

This rebirth and renewal is what brings us joy!

[The Spirit of the Lord is upon me]
to grant to those who mourn in Zion—
    to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes,
the oil of gladness instead of mourning,
    the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit;
that they may be called oaks of righteousness,
    the planting of the Lordthat he may be glorified.

Isaiah 61:3

The real paradox here is that if we didn't have the sorrows of this world, we wouldn't have joy.  We honestly would not know what God has done in our hearts and our lives unless we found ourselves in the deep ocean of sorrow, only to come back up for breath again for deliverance.

Prayers for healing and God's blessings in your home~Kim

Thursday, July 10, 2014

You are Created for a Purpose

We are all a miracle.

Further, it is a miracle that any of us are saved!

One of the things that so many Christians preach and teach (intentional or not) is that we all come to Jesus ONE way.  Yet, read the Bible.  There is not one story about someone's faith that is the same.  Some may be similar, but never the same.

The funny thing is that God does not even create us the same.

He creates each of us in His own image.  Think about it, if God creates us in His own image, then how in the world did we end up with so many different colors, sizes, shapes, male, female, disabilities and normal people in the world? Because God creates and looks at us from the inside out.

The twelve tribes of Israel in the Bible consisted of many nationalities.  Watch the the Aliyah coming into Israel in the past few years, and you will see ethnic diversity from many different races.  Why?  Because God created Israel this way, and it still exists in the Jewish faith.

Each utensil is created for a different purpose.

Sometimes, I think about our life journeys.  Some have it relatively easy, with all of the perfect family trimmings.  Others have a difficult road of childhood abuse and addiction.  Yet, still others barely survive through a life of poverty and neglect.  Some live only a few short years and shine the brightest Light of Jesus to all who know them.

Your purpose is just for you.

When we receive Jesus we become part of the Body of Christ.   God creates us just for His good pleasure, and His purpose on this earth.  Yet, we can't receive it until we begin to listen to God.  When we hear Him, we follow the Spirit.

Following Jesus brings His children together.  When we put Him first, we will bond together in a way that only comes from the Lord.  It is His good will.  Each child of God has a part and purpose in the Body of Christ.  Sometimes it fluctuates and changes, but it always glorifies God.

As the Word says, we are all created with a purpose, but knowing this rests on our decision to follow Him first.

Blessings to you and your family~Kim

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The REAL Love Dare

I am not afraid to say it.

I don't believe that homosexuality is acceptable in God's sight.

I don't believe that adultery is acceptable in God's sight.

I don't believe that lawlessness is acceptable in God's sight.

I don't believe that drug addiction or alcoholism are acceptable in God's sight.

Nor do I believe that fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, scorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, anger, quarrels, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing and things like these are acceptable in God's sight. Those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Ref: Galatians 5:19-21)

Does that mean that Christian's cannot be guilty of such sins?  Yes, but they will not be able to continue them.  We can't if we are saved.

We are His Temple.

Does that mean, that just because we have been guilty of these things in the past that we cannot receive God's grace? No!

In fact, we are all called to repent of such things, crucifying the flesh and conforming to the will of God.
God calls us all to the cross, to lay down our sins and believe that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He then blesses us with forgiveness and GRACE.  It is the way of the cross and it brings us salvation from the start, and keeps us saved.

This is Real Love.

By this we know love, that He laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.  1 John 3:16

Even after we are saved, and we lose our way, He brings us back.

He takes us from one point to another, because we cannot keep sinning with the power of the Holy Spirit saved up within us.  Once we have His mark, His power within us, we are His, and we will not be able to stay stuck in our sins.  It just won't happen.

God does not call us STAY in our sins, but to repent and move into His grace and glory.

Have you faltered?  Take the Real Love Dare.  Then move into His grace and His Light.

God's blessings to you and your family~Kim

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

When the Miracle You Received, Seems to Disappear

We have had tons of healing in my special needs son, and then....

*My son seemed to be healed of wheat allergies, and then we found his healing seemed to reverse.
*My son's body went against his genetic syndrome, and he maintained good weight, then all of a sudden, he began to increase weight gain at an alarming pace.
*Misbehavior and anxiety creeped back in, when before, he was finding good equilibrium.

What do we do with that?!  

I learned over the years, during my son's 10 years, that giving his healing to God, and asking Him what I should do is the best answer.  Why?  Because...

Life. Happens.

Have you ever noticed how we, as mommies, start off in this beautiful little world of diapers, baths and night time feedings, and it gradually gives way to the growth of our children?  Oh, they are still innocent and sweet (most of the time;-), but then, the rest of the world pushes in on our families.  We can't make the meals we want.  We have to go back to work.  We lose our insurance for awhile.

We become more focused on teaching life lessons to our children, and helping them grow into the adults we pray they will be someday.

Even special needs bodies grow and change biologically as they grow older.  In my son's syndrome, there are several different shifts that most children go through.  Some of them are related to his disability, but mixed in between are the biological and hormonal changes within every child.

We can't control that.

Seriously.  Perhaps I need to remind you of that today.  I know that some days I need to hear it.  The disease or syndrome takes over, and our methodology has to change.

I don't have to remind you that change does not come easy.

But, God has our back!

I love this!  Because where there is NO WAY.  HE MAKES A WAY.  The Israelites ran from Pharaoh, and here he comes after them, and God tells Moses to part the Red Sea.  Paul is bit by a viper on an island with natives, and the Lord heals him.  A woman with a disease touches Jesus' garment and is instantly healed. The man at the Pool of Salome cannot get to the healing waters, and Jesus turns up on the scene, then tells him to pick up his mat and walk!

These are only a few examples. But, He knows the way.  Trust Him with your child's healing.

Cry out before Him if you have to, but pull out that mustard seed from your pocket and HAVE FAITH.

Blessings to you this week~Kim

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

At Heaven's Door

I found out that a friend died several years ago, only a few weeks ago.  It hit me kind of hard, although I hadn't seen him in probably nearly 2 decades.

Yet, his death socked me with regret.

You see, he wasn't a person who lived a righteous life, but he was a man who suffered from alcoholism, addiction and violence.  I was a pretty young Christian when I knew him, but I began to question whether or not I had done enough to make sure that he was saved.

Sure, I had cared for him in some ways, like I made meals for him, and bought him things I knew he couldn't buy for himself.  Perhaps that was all he needed at the time, and not some lecture from me about Jesus, I don't know. I tried to walk the walk as much as possible in front of him, but still, I was left wondering.

Before I found out about his death, years prior, I had resolved within myself that I had done everything to help him, and that I had to move on.  I had no choice, because you see, he abused me.  Yet, I still hoped the best for him. I knew at the time, and even later, that he was not really in control of himself, but as you know, that does not make him safe to be around.  I left and never looked back.

Yet, with knowledge of his death, I found out that I always had a special love for him, which really, only God could have given me.  I really can't explain it.  Forgiveness wasn't really an issue for me; I just knew he couldn't control himself.

But, his death left me with something else--

It left me with a new picture of God's sovereign plan for our lives.  I still don't know if my friend ever became a Christian, but I hope he did.

Then, I saw this article about a little two-year old girl with a congenital heart defect, and how within the last few weeks of her life, she began talking to Jesus.  The story is amazing, if you haven't read it.  She even began singing songs of praise to God that she had never heard before in her little life...she was hearing angelic choirs.  She would even call out to Jesus as if He was standing right in the room with her and her mother. This happened only a few short weeks before she died.

We fear death a lot in our culture.

We view it through the lens of mystery and drama shows, like CSI, but the question of God's plan for our lives rarely enters into these stories.  I wonder if we need to listen more to stories like the one above, to remind us that heaven is a real place and eternity only happens when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.   But, when I hear stories of children going to heaven, or like this little girl above, I feel better about death and the Lord's plan for our lives. I still have a bit of hope for my friend too.

When we die, WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE KING!  What could be better than sitting at the feet of Jesus all the time, and listening to angel choirs, surrounded by our truest friends and believers.  What could be better than peace in the arms of God?  We will have no more death or disease!

I can imagine losing a child to death... 

Yet, honestly, I don't really know what that is like. I do know that our lives are a story, yet untold until the very end.  All we can do, for ourselves, and our children, is to live and walk with Jesus, and share Him with all those we come in contact with.  Let them know that even if they think you are full of bologna sandwiches, because just maybe you will plant a seed.

I don't think we need to share a specific step by step program of salvation, but I think we need to pray for a fearlessness when it comes to sharing Jesus with those who don't know Him.  After all, we are going to heaven, and we should invite them on a level that meets them where they are.  Then, God can do the rest.

Some will disagree with me, I am sure, and think I need to repent;-), but truly, I KNOW that only God can save any of us. All I can do is my best, and follow Him.  In time, through each believer's part,  He will piece together each person's life quilt as He sees fit.

Blessings to you this week~Kim
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